Il sistema portuale di Volterra - Un possibile modello topografico


  • Paolo Sangriso


Volaterra’s harbour system. A possible topographic model

North Etrurian coastline is marked by harbour systems which take advantage of the landscape geomorphologic peculiarity. Vada Volaterrana’s system is one of them: it was used as Volterra’s harbour in the Etruscan and Roman period, and it consisted of many ports and landing places distributed along coastal lagoons. Through the analysis of literary sources and of the Tabula Peutingeriana’s cartography we can deduce that the name Vada Volaterrana may refer to the geographical region, or to the statio of Vada Volaterrana appearing in the Tabula
Peutingeriana or even to the harbour of Volterra. The ports and landing places of the harbour system had a variable importance and were used at different times. The main centers are the site nowadays called Mazzanta and a northern one, close to Vada; the area excavated in S. Gaetano was depended on the last one.