Socrate e Micco: un’amicizia particolare nel Liside di Platone


  • Johann Goeken


Socrates and Miccos: a particular friendship in Plato’s Lysis
At the beginning of Plato’s Lysis, Socrates tells how he met on his direct way back from the Academy to the Lyceum, near the fountain of Panops and apparently by chance, Hippothales and Ctesippus, two of his friends. Around them was a crowd of young people who spent their time discussing in a new palaestra where Miccos, the sophist, was teaching. My paper analyses the very mention of this otherwise unknown sophist (204 a 5-7). This mention shows that Plato indicates right from the prologue that the theme of philia will be treated in opposition to the sophists’ methods (i.e. eulogy and eristic).