Is 51,9a: interpretazione problematica del testo ebraico. Studio sulle traduzioni greche e sulla Peshitta


  • Paola Mollo


Is 51.9a: problematic interpretation of the Hebrew text. A study on the Greek translations and on the syriac version (Peshitta) of this passage
This paper deals with the textual problems of Is 51, 9a, a passage of ambiguous interpretation, and provides an overview and analysis of ancient translations of this hemistich, which are quite different. In particular, it focuses on masoretic accentuation, on the Greek translations of the LXX, Aquila, Symmachus and Theodotion, and on the main textual witnesses of the Syriac version. Of particular interest is the Syriac version of the verse proposed by the Polyglots of Paris and London in the seventeenth century. The addition of the word Sion (Awake awake, Sion) by the curator of the Syriac text of the Polyglot of Paris (the discussed maronite priest Gabriel Sionita) is here explained in the light of the difficulties of interpretation emerging since the earliest translations of the passage.