Sulla tradizione manoscritta di Dione di Prusa: la terza famiglia nelle orr. 52-53


  • Davide Tripodi


On Dio’s of Prusa manuscript tradition: the third family in the orations 52-53
In this article I present the data of the collation of the ‘third family’ manuscripts of Dio of Prusa for orr. 52-55 (including some not collated for this part of the corpus so far) and I discuss them taking into account a number of difficulties which the analysis implies: the meager content of several of the manuscripts, the changes of model in the recently discoveredcodex Tol. 101/16, the philological activity of the scribes andso on. The resulting stemma varies from oration to oration (sometimes even in the same oration) and the available data allow more than one reconstruction for some parts of it.