Il cardo di Archiloco: Meleag. AP IV 1,37 s. (HE 1, 37 s.)


  • Anika Nicolosi


Archilochus’ cardoon: Meleag. AP IV 1,37 s. (HE 1, 37 s.).

In Meleag. AP IV 1,37s. (= HE 1,37s.) the poet compares Archilochus’ epigrams to the σκολιότριχος ἄνθος ἀκάνθης that grows ἐκ φορβῆς:
the reference is to the flower of the crisp-haired cardoon that symbolizes the thorn of the iambic poetry, with particular reference to its poor Muse (cfr. Callim. Ia. 1, fr. 191,92s. Pf.). The image probably became proverbial to indicate Archilochus’ poetry, cfr. Eustath. 1684,45 ad Od. XI 277 (= Archil. Testim. 64 Tard.; 24 Gerber).