Ammiano lettore di Tacito. Percorsi per un confronto intertestuale, tematico e compositivo


  • Agnese Bargagna


Ammian as a reader of Tacitus. An intertextual, thematic and compositive comparison.

The present article compares some episodes of battle and processes for
laesa maiestas of the tacitean Historiae and Annales with those of the
ammianean Res gestae, focussing on the strongly debated question of
Ammianus’ dependence on Tacitus. The present approach takes into account
the intertextual, thematic and compositive relationship between
the two authors, identifying what makes Tacitus different from the
Tradition and investigating in which way Ammianus is affected. The
aim of the paper is to show that comparing Ammianus exclusively with
Tacitus, despite from being useless, is yet far from giving a satisfying
explanation of the Res gestae.