Memoria su pietra: il ricordo dei defunti nelle iscrizioni della Regio Secunda Apulia et Calabria


  • Maria Luigia Dambrosio
  • Giuseppe Schiavariello


Memory on stone: the memory of the dead in the inscriptions from RegioSecunda Apulia et Calabria.

This essay collects a few inscriptions from Regio Secunda Apulia et Calabria,which are very significant evidences for us to understand betterthe connections between the dead and the living in I-III century AD. Inparticular we pay attention to the kind of informations transmitted to posterityand which were often related to real life, to social relationships, tothe world of affections. The evidence is therefore an useful contributionto evaluate the importance given to memory by Roman society of this areain the Imperial age.



Quale memoria? Comunicazione e forme del ricordo nell’archeologia funeraria romana