Le strategie della memoria nelle necropoli di Pompei. Approcci teorici, dati archeologici e nuove interpretazioni


  • Marianna Castiglione


Memory’s strategies in the necropoleis of Pompei. Theoretical approaches,archaeological data, and new interpretations.

The paper examines the theme of funerary memory firstly from a theoreticalpoint of view, chiefly on the ground of literary sources, and then bymeans of particular archaeological contexts, the Roman necropolises onthe outskirts of Pompeii. The analysis of funerary data from Pompeianmonuments (i.e. architectural typology and decoration, inscriptions,statues and anthropomorphic stelae) offers the possibility to investigatein depth various aspects of this socio-cultural phenomenon and also toenlarge our knowledge about the ancient Vesuvian city and its society.Thus, the different tombs give a new perspective to contextualize thetheoretical framework and to study verbal and visual commemoration,the remembering’s forms linked to the life’s jobs and the social status,the performances and programmed memory, as well as the continuity orthe frailty of remembrance’s strategies, often linked to the preservationof artistic practices, cultural identity and ethnic features.



Quale memoria? Comunicazione e forme del ricordo nell’archeologia funeraria romana