Il P. Ant. 3 181, il Parisinus Gr. 1807 e il Vaticanus Gr. 165 di Niceforo Gregora: per uno studio della famiglia A della tradizione del Minos


  • Edoardo Benati


P. Ant. 3 181, Parisinus Gr. 1807 and Nicephorus Gregoras’ Vaticanus Gr. 165: a study of the A-family of the Minos.
The main goal of this paper is to draw a new stemma codicum of the A-family of the pseudo-Platonic Minos. However, beside the stemmatic analysis, the investigation takes into account both a papyrus (P. Ant. 3 181) and a highly contaminated manuscript belonging to the F-family (Vaticanus Gr. 165 [Vat.]). The study of the papyrus will help us demonstrate the antiquity of the textual tradition of A (Parisinus Gr. 1807) and the collation of Vat. might cast light on some controversial aspects of the history of A.