La famiglia di Lucio Valerio Flacco. Osservazioni sulla cronologia della dedica all’interno del cosiddetto santuario di Atena a Magnesia sul Meandro


  • Giovanni Colzani


Lucius Valerius Flaccus’ family. Considerations on the chronology of the dedi- cation within the so called ‘Athena’s sanctuary’ in Magnesia on the Maeander.

Between 1891 and 1893, archaeological investigations led by C. Humann in the western area of the agora in Magnesia on the Maeander, brought to the discovery of three portrait statues inside the so called ‘Athena’ sanctuary’. The presence of related inscriptions clarifies that they were devoted by local δῆμος to the female family members of a personality named ΛΕΥΚΙΟΣ ΟΥΑΛΕΡΙΟΣ ΛΕΥΚΙΟΥ ΥΟΣ ΦΛΑΚΚΟΣ, Baebia Q.f., Saufeia L.f. and Polla Valeria. The definitive identification of L. Valerius Flaccus with the praetor of 63 B.C. defended in Cicero’s Pro Flacco, allows a number of considerations regard- ing the other personalities involved in this dedication, their original families and their connections to the Valerii Flacci within the late Republican political context.