L’iscrizione monumentale del Monginevro (Alpis Cottia): pos- sibile ricostruzione di un falso riabilitato


  • Cesare Letta


The monumental inscription from Montgenèvre (Alpis Cottia): a possible re- construction of a rehabilitated forgery.

In a recent paper on a Roman roadside building uncovered in the Montgenèvre pass (Alpis Cottia), Ph. Leveau and P. Reynaud have proved the genuineness of CIL XII 12*, of which a little fragment remains in the museum of Gap (Hautes- Alpes). The author proposes a full reconstruction of this text, engraved in AD 102 to commemorate Trajan’s repairs of the road: viam ex Italia per Alpe[m / Cott(iam)] in provinc(iam) [Narbon(ensem)]. The inscription allows us to ascertain that L.(?) Cornelius Priscus was consul suffectus in may-june of that year, not in AD 104, as supposed by R. Syme. Therefore a new reconstruction of a fragment of the Fasti Ostienses is proposed.