Come le foglie’. La poesia preneoterica e neoterica negli studi di Vincenzo Tandoi (con una analisi di Cornif. 3 Bläns. = 97 Ho.)


  • Alfrdo Mario Morelli


‘As the leaves’. The pre-neoteric and neoteric poetry in Vincenzo Tandoi’s studies (with an analysis of Cornif. 3 Bläns. = 97 Ho.).
In this paper Vincenzo Tandoi’s contribution to neoteric studies is fully re-examined. The Italian scholar, whose memory is honored in this volume, was the author of important essays on Laev. 21 Bläns., Tiburtinus’ and Praeneoteric Epigrams, Cic. Fragm. poet. 3 Bläns., Varro At. 3 Bläns., Catull. 54, Maec. 3 Bläns., Gall. 2-4 Bläns., and on many other fragmentary texts. A particular attention is paid to Tandoi’s interpretation of Corn. 3 Bläns. He considered it as part of the poem Glaucus and he was probably right: POxy 3965 (published in 1992) brings new evidence in favor of this suggestion, even though Cornificius’ Glaucus was probably not the Pontius, but one of the Corinthian Glaucidae (see Hom. Il. 6,146 ff.).