Il santuario della Bona Dea Subsaxana, l’ara di Licinia e i Gracchi.


  • Fabio Giorgio Cavallero


The sanctuary of Bona dea Subsaxana, the altar of Licinia and theGracchi
Three are the hypotheses about the dedication of the temple of Bonadea Subsaxana: 1) The sanctuary would have been dedicated in 123BC by a Vestal (Claudia: Ov. Fast. 5.149-158; Licinia: Cic. Dom. 136)and there were three places of worship. 2) Licinia would have foundeda temple near the official one, dedicated instead by Claudia. 3) Liciniawould have dedicated an altar, an aedicula and a pulvinar in the sanctuaryconsecrated by Claudia. In the present article the author suggestsa different reconstruction, where the history of the sanctuary is intertwinedwith the tumultuous events that characterized the years of thetribunates of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus.