Nota a Plutarco, Amatorius 762 A: sul termine ἰχνηλάτης.


  • Francesco Padovani


A Note on Plutarch, Amat. 762 A: on the word ἰχνηλάτης.
The paper aims to clarify the meaning of the word ἰχνηλάτης, «inquirer»,which Plutarch of Chaironeia employs in his Dialogue on Love (Amat.762 A). Although the corresponding verb ἰχνηλατέω occurs severaltimes in Philo, the use of the substantive ἰχνηλάτης in a theologicalcontext seems to be genuinely Plutarchean, and it will return in the followingcenturies in the works of some Christian theologians. The articleexamines all the philosophical and religious implications of the use of the word in Plutarch, by finally considering the role of the ἰχνηλάτηςwithin his theological conceptions.