Giovanni Pagni e le iscrizioni false di Pisa (CIL XI 194* e CIL XI 195*).


  • Simonetta Segenni


Giovanni Pagni and the forged inscriptions of Pisa (CIL XI 194* andCIL XI 195*) 
The aim of this study is to analyze two falsae inscriptions (CIL XI 194*= Inscr.It. VII, 22 and CIL XI 195*) from Pisa. For the first time GiovanniPagni (1634-1676) in Commentaria in Cenotaphia Pisana Luciiet Caii Caesarum reports these inscriptions. CIL XI 194* is a forgerymodelled on the inscription from Abella (CIL X 1217). A forgery is alsoCIL XI 195*: it was a newly carved inscription on marble. The authortentatively links these inscriptions with the publication of Valerio Chimentelli,Marmor Pisanum de honore bisellii, Bononia 1666.