Caracalla e i pretoriani.


  • Cecilia Ricci


Caracalla and the Praetorian Guard.
The historiographical sources about the relationship between Antoninusand the Praetorian Guard are not too lacking and not too far fromthe events narrated. Actually, as always happens proceeding with theresearch, it is possible to realise that many aspects need still to be enlightened;one has the perception of some forcing in the construction ofthe historical narration and that a relatively wide margin for clarifications,adjustment and enrichments is not lacking. Using all the availablesources (literary, epigraphic, archaeological and numismatic), inthe first part of the essay I will focus on the nature of the bond betweensoldiers and emperor; in the second part I will try to give a picture ofthe life of the Praetorians at the time of Caracalla, through the cultspracticed and the relations entertained.