Ancora sull’iscrizione del Monginevro e sui consoli del 102 d.C.


  • Cesare Letta


Again on the inscription from Montgenèvre and the consuls of AD 102
In a recently found military diploma of the 5th of May AD 102 from Sardinia(AE 2013, 650) the consular pair T. Didio Secundo L. Publilio Celsoseem, at first glance, to disprove the reconstruction of Fasti Ostienses, frg.XV, proposed by the author in «SCO» 64 (2018), 332. But a more carefulanalysis shows that the name of the second consul, initially skipped, wasonly subsequently and erroneously added to this diploma, after a cursorychecking of the Fasti Consulares. For this reason, the author reaffirmshis text of the Montgenèvre inscription and proposes a better reconstructionof frg. XV of the Fasti Ostienses, with L. Fabius Iustus, L. PubliliusCelsus and L. (?) Cornelius Priscus following one another as colleaguesof the consul ordinarius, Iulius Servianus, until T. Didius Secundus replacedthe same Servianus, almost certainly on the calends of May.