Osservazioni sul testo dell’epitafio di Platôr figlio di Sakolas (SEG 42 329)


  • Luca Ruggeri


Notes on the text of the epitaph of Platôr, son of SakolasSEG 42 329 (Sparta, end of the III or beginning of the II century ΒCaccording to its first editor), is a funeray epigram for a mercenarywho fought at the service of the Spartan state and probably marrieda local woman. The paper thoroughly re-examines the text ofthe epigram and discusses its unusual stylistic features, innovativevocabulary, imagery, and possible references to earlier poetry. Newreadings are proposed for ll. 1 (Θρίνκαια), 5 (ἁ λεχέκοινοϲ), and 8(<ζ>ωᾶϲ or <ζ>ώ<ϲ>αϲ).