Hic est cui de manu angeli liber porrigitur. Modelli agiografici nell’Ystoria sancti Thomae de Aquino


  • Sandra Isetta


Hic est cui de manu angeli liber porrigitur: Hagiographic models in theYstoria sancti Thomae de AquinoThe Ystoria sancti Thomae de Aquino by Guglielmo Da Tocco is evidentlyinspired by the life of the founder of the Order, as if to establishallusive comparisons meant to bring out the speculative peculiarities of Tommaso with respect to the concrete ones of Domenico. Guglielmodepicts him as a mystic rather than as a philosopher and theologian. Heendows him with characteristics that, notwithstanding various layersof rewriting, can be traced back to a strong and persevering stylistictradition which finds its origin in the most ancient hagiographic andmonastic canons, such as the Christological and / or Prophetic typologyor like the Pauline lexicon of spiritual combat.