Le Terme di Nerone a Pisa: un grande complesso pubblico al confine tra città e suburbio


  • Fabio Fabiani
  • M. Letizia Gualandi

Parole chiave:

Roman baths, Pisa


The archaeological investigations conducted by the Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del Sapere (Universty of Pisa) during 2017 at the so-called ‘Baths of Nero’ in Pisa have provided a great opportunity to draw the attention of the scientific community to one of the most relevant ancient monuments of the city. This building complex, already known from Medieval times, raises several questions for investigation, which the new study has partly contributed to resolve. These large public baths, which during the Roman period overlooked the later disappeared river Auser, stand between the dense urban tissue and the suburban area which hosted many production activities; the thermae answered to the needs of both areas, which were highly populated. The tridimensional reconstruction of the structures and landscape and the use of the most modern technologies for a virtual tour (immersive VR) now offer the return to the public of a building of crucial importance in Roman Pisa.


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