In margine all'edizione critica della versione Filelfiana del De Ilio non capto di Dione Crisostomo


  • Francesco De Nicola

Parole chiave:

Francesco Filelfo, De Ilio non capto by Dio Chrysostom, Niccolò Lugari


The present paper mainly concerns the critical edition of two paratexts at the end of the editio princeps of Francesco Filelfo’s Latin translation of De Ilio non apto (oration XI) by Dio Chrysostom, printed at Cremona in 1492. In the paper all the protagonists of such a publishing enterprise are thoroughly investigated. The aratexts, which constitute the afterword of the work, are an epistle to Borso Cavitelli by Niccolò Lugari, the editor of the incunable, and the Decasticon (i.e. a poem of ten verses) to the reader by the otherwise unknown Pier Maria Camarini. The textual form of the colophon is discussed and the version by an anonymous author of the same Dionian discourse (§§ 44-54) is critically edited. The latter was transmitted by the codex Vat. Urb. lat. 1261 (V), a paper manuscript which is nevertheless an pograph of the above-mentioned incunable and dates back to the 16th-17th century. This translation, which is of little value, was based on the Greek text of the Dionian dition published in Venice by Federico Torresano, probably in 1550. The article is enriched by two appendixes: in the former, some remarks and emendations are proposed o the reprint by Luigi Cisorio of Lugari’s Oratio in synodo generali Fratrum Minorum; the latter offers the critical edition and Italian version of a so far unknown ration by the same Lugari, written by hand on the copy of the incunable (paper 6 recto) of Lugari’s Laudatio funebris Baptistae Piasii, preserved at the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin (shelf mark: 8° Inc 2860.20).