Nolte e Furet


  • Giovanni Sabbatucci


Nolte and Furet

Nolte and Furet, a German and a French historian respectively, belong
to the same generation and share the same vague definition of ‘revisionist’.
But their intellectual origins and historical methods are very different.
Furet has proposed a re-examination of the French Revolution in
contrast with the marxist ‘orthodoxy’, and a disenchanted analysis of
the communist ‘illusion’.
Nolte’s researches on Fascisms and Nazism as a response to Bolshevism,
have raised the so-called Historikerstreit; as a result, he has been
pushed to more radical positions. After a short account on the correspondence
between Nolte and Furet (edited in 1997), the author expresses
his own preference for Furet.