TRE CORRISPONDENZE TESTUALI TRA DOLONIA E ODISSEA: IL. 10.158 – OD. 15.45; IL. 10.243 – OD. 1.65; IL. 10.457 – OD. 22.329


  • Giulia D’Alessandro


Since the Hellenistic age, the presence of the Doloneia in the Iliad has been under scrutiny and its pertinence within the original plot of the poem has been questioned. For decades, the Doloneia has been considered a ‘major interpolation’ in the Iliad but a recent revival of Homeric criticism has demonstrated that Book 10 fits perfectly the design of the poem. In line with these recent approaches to the study of Homer, my paper analyses 3 passages of the Doloneia along with their correspondences in the Odyssey, in order to show that the echoes between the two poems were intentionally pursued by the poet: the poet of the Odyssey, being the same of the Iliad or not, looked up to the book of Dolon as an established text. The memory of the Doloneia in the public of the Odyssey evoked powerful images in order to give intensity to the narrative.